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    A Labor of Love.

    Brooklyn Bambini figurines are exquisite birth and labor gifts. Four ounces of either silver or bronze, they are graceful enough to cradle in your hand during labor, substantial enough to grasp during delivery and beautiful enough to be cherished, forever after.

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      Exceed His Expectations.

      Brooklyn Bambini sculptures are hand-crafted treasures that celebrate your shared parenthood. After all, dads deliver too.

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        Love, delivered.

        New life is the greatest gift. Acknowledge accordingly.

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          Welcome to the Family.

          Brooklyn Bambini are artful expressions of how it feels the very moment you or someone you love becomes a mother, a father, a grandparent, an honorary aunt or uncle. Whether given or received our bambini signal belonging.

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            Some gestures speak louder than words. These works of art, born in 1996 at the height of the Williamsburg renaissance, are individually cast and each one is hand-finished by Brooklyn sculptor Brian Sullivan. With Brooklyn Bambini, mothers, fathers, friends and family can say what they really mean.

            At Brooklyn Bambini we believe it's not just the birth of a baby, it's the birth of a family.

            BROOKLYN BAMBINI bronze and silver baby figurines are sculpted, cast and finished entirely by hand.

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