What are the letters BB on the bottom of the left foot?
In the tradition of sculpture and other objects of high quality, a maker’s mark is often provided to indicate authenticity.  The letters BB are our logo and verify the figure is in fact a Brooklyn Bambini.

Are the figures engravable?
Yes, Brooklyn Bambini figurines are engravable.  We had ours engraved with our daughters' names and birth weights. Customizing the figurines will undoubtedly add another level of meaning to their intention. To learn more about choosing an engraver click here for guidance on the engraving arts by Adone T. Pozzobon of Adone Galleries.

What is the weight and length of a figure?
The figurines are the same size but because bronze and silver have different molecular compositions the baby sculptures have different weights.
The bronze baby figurines weigh 4.5 oz and are 2.75 inches long.
The silver baby figurines weigh 5 oz and are 2.75 inches long.

Are the bronze babies solid or are they a lesser metal that has been ‘bronzed’?
Brooklyn Bambini bronze baby sculptures are solid bronze. Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin and zinc. Learn more about the alloy bronze and its composition by clicking here for an article from Encyclopedia Britannica.

What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Fine Silver?
Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver and another metal, usually copper while Fine Silver is 99.9% silver. Learn more about the different qualities of silver by clicking here for an article from Encyclopedia Britannica.

Are the silver babies solid silver?
Brooklyn Bambini silver figurines are solid Sterling Silver.

Will my Brooklyn Bambini figurine always look as shiny as it did on arrival?
All metals will develop a natural patina of various chemical compounds (such as oxides, sulfides and carbonates) over time.  Patinas form on the surface of metal during exposure to various atmospheric elements like oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide.  Oils from the skin in handling the figurines will also contribute to a change in the surface appearance.  Patina is often a desirable effect and some people choose to let it develop. Our four-ply polishing cloth contains a premium, non-rouge, non-toxic and fully biodegradable cleanser encased in 100% supple soft cotton, perfectly designed to shine gold, platinum, silver and bronze without scratching or removing the finish. Polish with the inner cloth to remove dirt and tarnish, then wipe with the outer cloth to provide a finishing luster. Learn more about polishing metal objects by clicking here for an article featuring the advice of Ernest DuMouchelle from the Antiques Roadshow.  Our bronzes have no patina, so do not be concerned about rubbing a finish off of them as cautioned by Mr. DuMouchelle.


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