Brooklyn Bambini baby sculpture and baby pendant

At Brooklyn Bambini we're inspired by new Life. We're artists who are also parents and we've derived great joy raising our daughters. Combining our life calling to create with our love of family is how Brooklyn Bambini came to be. We make fine art gifts that celebrate the anticipation and arrival of children.

We believe living with art makes life look beautiful which is why we we're making fine art accessible in both scale and cost. Our baby pendants, charm bracelets and small sculptures have been sculpted, cast and finished by hand. As works of fine art they substantiate the bond you have with those who are dear to you and your intention behind these inspired gifts will be forever treasured as heirlooms and lifelong symbols of the moment a family was born.

When I was pregnant with our first daughter Brian wanted to make me a gift befitting the wondrous transformation I was going through. The first Brooklyn Bambini baby figurine came to be from an afternoon in his studio working with wax, pondering the shift our lives were about to take. He cast it in Sterling Silver. It was, and still is, an exquisite object in both its form and the feel of its weight, how it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand.

That original sculpture has become a deeply cherished object that carries many memories of my pregnancy, labor and transition into motherhood. One day I will pass it to our daughter as a treasure marking her birth. Engraved with names, birth dates or weights, the intention behind our heirloom gifts takes on a very personal significance.

We also create and produce in limited edition runs, signed art cards that are perfect for birth announcements, gift enclosures and Thank You cards. We plan to expand our assortment to include children's apparel and soft goods in the near future.

We have lived and worked in Williamsburg and Greenpoint for 28 years raising our daughters and founding our company, a business born out of the love of family.