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    Exceed Her Expectations

    Brooklyn Bambini Pendants do what no ordinary jewelry can--represent the bond between mother and child.

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      A Labor of Love.

      Brooklyn Bambini Baby Sculptures are exquisite birth and labor gifts. Four ounces of solid silver or bronze, they cradle in your hand throughout pregnancy, delivery and all the days that follow.

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        Be both muse and mother.

        It takes an artist to interpret the female form at its most beautiful. Make this period of transition yours to keep with our Expectant Venus bronze.

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          Your Love. Close at Hand.

          Your engagment ring. Your watch. Your Brooklyn Bambini Charm Bracelet in 14kt Gold belongs among the first things you put on in the morning and the last things you take off at night.

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            Some gestures speak louder than words. These works of art, born in 1996 at the height of the Williamsburg renaissance, are individually cast and each one is hand-finished by Brooklyn sculptor Brian Sullivan. With Brooklyn Bambini, mothers, fathers, friends and family can say what they really mean.

            At Brooklyn Bambini we believe it's not just the birth of a baby, it's the birth of a family.

            Brooklyn Bambini is inspired by new life, making fine art heirloom gifts that celebrate the anticipation and arrival of children.

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