From Our Fans

Some thoughts from our customers...

"My dearest friend gave me a Brooklyn Bambini as a gift to commemorate the birth of our first baby. It was such a unique gift, definitely the most personal of any we received. I loved it immediately. As it was engraved with his name and birth date I realized it was something we would keep forever. My son is 21 months old now. I keep the miniature sculpture on a shelf in my bedroom with other small cherished objects. When my son comes in to play on our bed he points up to the shelf and I reach for the sculpture telling him, "this is you!"
-Tara C., CA

"I received the baby sculpture as a gift after my daughter was born.  It felt soothing from the very first time I picked it up.  It helps to relax and calm me, so I keep the figurine near my rocking chair and hold it while breastfeeding."
-Nicole B., NJ

"I received my bambinia as a gift before my daughter was born.  I was happy to have it because I had a nice long wait for her.  She was due to arrive 'any minute' for two weeks! The figurine made the wait easier. Once labor started, holding the sculpture really helped. It gave me something to focus on. I have my bambina in my purse. I carry it with me all the time--it makes me think of her.  I plan always to have my bambina with me so that when I'm back at work, and she's at daycare, I'll feel, 'It's okay. She's here'."
-Laura H., VA

"I was given this special gift by a dear friend to celebrate the birth of my second child. A keepsake that I'll cherish always, it sits on my nightstand and is a treasured reminder of both my little boy and growing family." 
-Anne G., NJ

"We gave a Brooklyn Bambina to a dear musician friend of ours for the birth of her first baby. I was so excited to give this couple our present, I asked them to open it the minute we arrived at their shower! They were overwhelmed and touched by such a meaningful gift. These baby sculptures are so unique and such beautiful pieces of art. They are the epitome of the perfect gift to give a couple that have everything."

-Suzanne M., NY

"We've given Brooklyn Bambini figurines to commemorate the births of two of our friends' first-borns.  These stunning sculptures were the quintessential 'forever gift' we were searching for to properly honor the arrival of these new souls. Both couples were overwhelmed by the baby sculptures; they literally brought tears of joy when they were opened. We had the figurines engraved with the newborn's names and dates of birth and we've heard that they've become beloved keepsakes. Brooklyn Bambini are now our 'go-to' gifts for honoring a birth."
-Alison & Tommy F., NY