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Baptism & Christening Gifts

When a child is initiated into the larger community of their faith, friends and family often mark the event with a gift to the parents or child that represents an aspect of their spiritual tradition.

Wall hangings, plaques and desktop statues depicting iconic figures or meditations are often presented. Sometimes a candle, prayer book or vestment used during the ceremony will be personalized with the child's name and date of baptism and given to the family as a memento of the sacred event.

As a child I recall my mother's charitable service to our parish of sewing baptismal vests for the infants; a simple white poplin cloth embroidered with the symbol of the Eucharist edged with gold seam binding. My mother designed them to be easily draped over the infant's head and worn as a vest essentially for the ceremony.  They functioned both as a keepsake for the families as well as to dab the child's forehead after the application of the holy water. Each vest was additionally embroidered by my mother with the child's name.

These baptismal bibs were blessed along with the child during the ceremony thereby delivering deep meaning to these vestments which became cherished keepsakes according to many families who wrote notes of thanks to my over the years for her service.

Because Brooklyn Bambini handcast baby sculptures retain the memories of each individual's experience throughout their lives, they make truly unique and meaningful gifts given to commemorate a baptism. The impact of handmade gifts is always appreciated, as mentioned by Michelle Tarnopolsky in her article Booty for Bambini about appropriate baby gifts for families with a strong religious heritage.

  • Kelley Shields
  • baptismchristeningheirloomsmilestones

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