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Make-ing Life Beautiful

Mine has been a life full of beauty on many levels. Spiritually, my life is beautiful whenever I choose to appreciate the natural world around me instead of the stresses daily life can dish out, recognizing there is value in all the experiences that have shaped me--both the challenging and blissful alike. And on the physical level my life is beautiful because of the talent that has surrounded me.

I came to an understanding of my destiny to live a creative life at a young age because I was born to parents who channeled their natural talents into activities that deeply enriched the lives they were able to provide for the five of us. My mother ran a school of sewing, pattern making and draping out of our home. Twelve women a night studied under her self-taught tutelage in the basement of our home. She also had a very successful made-to-order dressmaking business, so successful she he had more work than time to complete the orders.  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of sitting at the foot of her machine. The fabric scraps were my bounty. I remember learning how to sew before learning even to write my name. 

My father was a truck driver by trade but an engineer by intuitive talent. He could make anything. He transformed our house multiple times and even built the family boat.  I remember watching with fascination over the course of a year as he steamed the wood over a barrel of boiling water in the garage, shaping first the spines of the hull and later the planking that sheathed it.

Given my upbringing it is unremarkable probably that I married a sculptor.  Our apartments and homes have always reflected a highly personal blend of both of our creative impulses.  The paintings, drawings and sculpture that adorn our environments occupy more than space. Resonating the energy of the hands and the intention of intellect and heart that created them, elevates their status beyond 'objects'--they are heirlooms.

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  • Kelley Shields
  • birth giftshand madeheirloomslabor talismans

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