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Handmade Gifts

Finding a present for a special occasion can be vexing. Sometimes it happens that we are looking to gift someone who seems to have everything. We want the perfect gift for someone like this to be an item that carries meaning relative to the event and also pleases them to own. Hand crafted gifts can be a great option because they are often unique which means they are automatically imbued with an authenticity and thoughtfulness via the creativity that inspired them, which in turn can convey the honor we feel is due to the recipient on their special occasion.

I opt for giving hand made gifts whenever the time permits to either search for one or to make it myself. As an artist I find the creative process very satisfying. So when I want to gift someone who is truly important to me, I have found no better way to communicate how I feel about them than to make something for them that refers to the milestone being celebrated. When there isn’t time to make something myself, more times than not I will hunt for something hand crafted rather than mass-produced to recognize and celebrate their special occasion. Author Tara Parker-Pope looked into the psychology behind the urge to give with heartfelt meaning and intention in her Well blog for the New York Times, A Gift That Gives Right Back? The Giving Itself.

Brooklyn Bambini baby sculptures are often selected as the ideal gender reveal gift or present for a baby shower. They are also perfect as birth gifts after the delivery of a baby, as labor and maternity gifts and as push presents. Jessica Arb of the Ocean Violet blog says of giving a Brooklyn Bambini figurine: “It’s a gift that goes beyond the typical baby gift registry. They are beloved keepsakes that can be engraved with the newborn’s name and date of birth, to be treasured forever.”

Brooklyn Bambini baby sculptures are four ounces of bronze or sterling silver. And as works of fine art they substantiate a bond with those who are dear. New parents give our figurines as grandparent gifts, to honor their role. Partners give our baby sculptures as gifts to celebrate a long-awaited adoption. Friends give our figurines to expectant mothers as baby shower gifts. Mothers give our baby sculptures as gifts to expectant fathers, to acknowledge that Dad's deliver, too. Adult children give our hand crafted baby figurines to their parents as Mother's and Father's Day presents.

The heartfelt intention behind these luxury gifts will be forever felt as a Brooklyn Bambini will become a cherished heirloom.

  • Kelley Shields
  • baby shower giftsbirth giftsgrandparent gifts

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  • Jul 28, 2014

    What beautiful packaging! Truly fitting for such a beautiful sculpture!

    — Carol

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