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Off to College!?

Where did  the last 18 years go?

I've paid close attention to my role all these years as a parent, so thankfully I have no regrets of wishing I had been more present. And yet, on driving our first born up to college for her first semester, the sense of this day having snuck-up on me still manifested. Somehow even with a deeply invested engagement as a mother I find myself wishing for a magical retreat back to many moments, to experience them again armed perhaps with some hyper-awareness that would lend a permanence to my perception of them. 

Now well past the breastfeeding and playground years I find myself reviewing those phases with increasing intensity. Thankfully the intensity is a pleasant reverie rather than regretful, wishing that I had done things differently.

The overarching message? Enjoy them; it goes too fast!  ;)

  • Kelley Shields
  • milestonesparentingtransitions

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