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Boxed Fun

Kids always want the boxes big things come in.  This is a universal truth. Where ever things get delivered in cardboard cartons, there is a child—or children, who will make convincing arguments for the keeping of said box that was destined for the alley on the side of the house where the recycling waits to be picked-up.
Off to College!?

Where did  the last 18 years go? I've paid close attention to my role all these years as a parent, so thankfully I have no regrets of wishing I had been more present. And yet, on driving our first born up to college for her first semester, the sense of this day having snuck-up on me still manifested.

Sharing the Love
Portrait of 2 Sisters

We've had more smooth sailing on the sibling relationship front than stormy, but there certainly have been times when our daughters have clashed.  When our second was born, our oldest was 6--a difficult age to accept the whole mommy-and-daddy-are-busy-with-the-baby-right-now thing.

Coney Island for my kids and husband borders on having a hallowed ground rating.  Multiple pilgrimages to Luna Park punctuate any year's worth of Saturdays during the months it is open and a minimum of two winter trips to the beach itself complete a full devotion.