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Coney Island for my kids and husband borders on having a hallowed ground rating.  Multiple pilgrimages to Luna Park punctuate any year's worth of Saturdays during the months it is open and a minimum of two winter trips to the beach itself complete a full devotion.

For the three of them, and many many other pilgrims, there is something there in that sand and on that boardwalk--a quasi-fanatical pull--that draws them back, again and again.

Two days ago my husband and our youngest were among the first 100 in line for opening day.  They made friends with a few cuckoos (like themselves) and rode the Cyclone for free for four hours as recompense for queuing-up early enough to be counted in that privileged number.

No pilgrimage to Luna Park is complete without a Zoltar consult.  Our daughter told me before they left she would make sure she cleared Zoltar's mind of whose fortune to reveal in between querying for herself, then me.  Indeed my husband reports they both chanted before the glass behind which Zoltar sits and stares:  'this fortune is for Momma; this fortune is for Momma; this fortune is for Momma...'

And Zoltar said:
"You are a very virtuous person.  You have chosen the path of righteousness and you will be very happy.  You are not easily influenced.  Your relatives have a great deal of respect for you.  They know that you have a keen mind and an understanding nature.  You have a good sense of values.  You love a beautiful home and one of these days you will be in possession of one."

YAY!! :)

  • Kelley Shields
  • family funparenting

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